April Throwback

i want to give you a mixtape

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0316 // March-Mellow

I’m scared that you/ Won’t be waiting on the other side

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February Jukebox

// my bad! This had been in my draft for weeks and I almost forgot about it or just not in the mood to edit it. But I’m still going to post it because, why not. //

Summertime Sadness in May ♨


It has been a month since our class ended and I have to wait for four months for the next school year. It would be cool if I have a line-up of things to do in summer but I don’t have and so I spent April at home, reading, cleaning, searching, taking photos and reading again. But mostly I put my headphones on or consumed my time in Youtube (I know, it sounds like I’m really lonely and boring). Lately, I was really stuck with the songs I played and found myself drowning into it.

So, I want to share you those songs that caught my interest and will be part of my playlist this month of May. These are not all new some were released months ago (last year) and all are my personal choice so I’m not expecting you to like it (but still hope you like it).

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