About M

Hey there!

I’m Maureen Solis, a Filipina who loves to write.

I couldn’t remember when and how old I was when I found solace in blogging. I never knew what to make out from this. But whenever I couldn’t sleep at night and is troubled by the noises in my head or my hands are just so eager to write, I make one and if it’s worthy to be shared I post it here.

My writings are the things my big heart couldn’t handle anymore. But it could also be stuffs my mind couldn’t take any longer. Nevertheless, I’m happy you’ve stumbled in my simple, avant-garde blog.

Other than writing, I love music and films. Those are the things that cause my heart to skip a beat or loosen up my troubled self. How about you?

Cheers and Godspeed.

On Twitter and Instagram: @emsoulish

Spotify: Maureen Solis/ rnslz



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