On Loop

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I was never here, never present in reality.
My thoughts run wild like it is in jeopardy.
For all of it is too precious, my true sweet fantasy,
That has come true after asking earnestly.

I remember the cold breeze of the strange province.
A warm feeling like skin with pins
Trembling with excitement, my heart’s out of the bin.
A new world in front of me out of my shallow coffin.

It was not easy, no, I was suffering!
This new sensation (I never knew I wanted) is overwhelming.
I cried, no one has even bothered asking
But this torment is only at the beginning.

Seeing that I fell in love, I’m up above
The clouds of ease I’m lucky to have.
As the sun rise and sleeps with no flop,
With you guys, it doesn’t feel like a job.

I never thought 4 ½ is enough.
For our relationship to be somehow tough.
A mixture of chafe, joie de vivre and bluff,
It’ll be a sin to separate us in half.

It wasn’t merely a pleasure,
It is a change I will forever treasure.
An upcoming surge I have detected,
And its impact was not what I expected.

Remember the days you always tease me
And the way we always add up the fee.
Also that night we were almost lost;
And each other’s comfort zone we have crossed.

But they say there is a time for everything;
After summer, leaves will start falling
To the ground and we’ll hope we were only sleeping;
For goodbyes never had a good timing.

Back in my room, I sleep with wide eyes, mind open.
The memories are on loop it looks like I’m broken.
How long this happens now it needs to be spoken
But in my paper through black ink it won’t be stolen.

I used to think If I could go back in the past
I will not alter a thing but only make it last
For I can still taste up ‘til now the dust
Of the sudden gift of delight I should’ve cast.

Because as it continues, it’s starting to hurt-
The tears are piling up on my shirt.
The word of woes I’m beginning to blurt
So that the chance of today, I can avert.

Now, I once wished for this to set me free.
The sweet bygones has worsen my insanity.
I couldn’t seem to get a grip, please, tell me,
Should I relive it or keep it for eternity?


DISCLAIMER: My friends will definitely tease me for this but one couldn't handle it. Lels.



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