The Smell of Mediocrity


Is it cooked already?

I love cooking. I love putting ingredients in an ordered way with the right measurement. Whenever I have nothing important to do, I buy recipe and cook it happily. Like yesterday, I want to cook something special just because I’m feeling it.


I chose to cooked carbonara. I really love carbonara. And so I boiled some water and put the pasta in it. While at the side, I cooked the sauce. I tasted the sauce and I thought something is missing. Something I can’t fathom. Hm. But I got frustrated so I turned to the pasta first. I drained the water and tasted it. Oh God, it was salty! I think I can still taste it. But I thought, there’s nothing I can do. So I set it aside and went back to the sauce. I decided to put some salt and pepper. I thought, perhaps that would do. But nope. Then something came up my mind. “Well, the pasta’s salty and the sauce isn’t creamy. Maybe if I put it together, it’ll taste better.” And so I did. I put a spoonful of pasta and sauce in a plate. I tasted it. It was so bad. But it was already past lunch and I was so hungry that I finished my plate not minding taste.


Then hours late, I felt the urge to cook again. “What should I cook now?” I thought. I touched my tummy and I feel like I’m craving for some soup. “Soup.. that’s it!” Then I looked for the ingredients in my refrigerator but I couldn’t think of a soup that would fit with the food that was in it. Then, I looked at the drawers and I found a can of soup. I thought, “That’ll do. I’m the only one that’s going to eat.” So I poured it in a pan and heat it and ate it.


Of course, at movie night it’s good to have some snack. So when the evening came yesterday, I decided to baked cookies. I went to the groceries to shop and also some tools too for baking. In the kitchen, I wore my best apron and focused on what I was doing. It was fun. I got all the ingredients right and even made a whole new recipe. I was feeling great. While the cookies were baking, I was just looking at the oven waiting for its time. Then the right moment came. I got it out, cool it for a moment and tasted one. It was marvelous. It was too good that I want to share it to others but I looked up at the clock and it’s already 11 in the evening. Everyone seemed asleep outside my window. So I put all the cookies in a bowl and ate it all by myself while watching television.


Disclaimer: Images are not mine. That’s all.

What do you think?

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