How to Create A Blog?


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Hello there.

I’m guessing that you clicked this link because you expected, from the title, that this is going to be tips and tricks on creating a blog and how to get followers and readers and be an overnight success. Well, no.

I’ve already posted an entry regarding my dilemmas on my blog. How am I gonna use it? What content should I put? Do I want to make a theme or just post variety of written blabbers on it? I’m sorry if you clicked this not knowing that you’re only going to read about someone who is having a crisis in blogging.

I love writing. I love what I’m doing. But because of the pressure of perfection I want to achieve, I’m losing creativity and I feel like I’m now only going for mediocre. But then, I remember the first time I did this, why I made a blog.

I was young when I discover my passion for writing. I was in fourth grade and I was trying to get a position in our campus journalism. I was really amused of myself. I didn’t know I could write that well. I mean, I was so proud that perhaps even though there were grammatical errors it was a masterpiece for me.

But then as I pursue writing, I found myself settling for what I can and not trying to improve it. Looking back, I am really disappointed.

Anyways, why did I made a blog? Because I love the pleasure of putting my ‘pieces’ in public and getting response (or I was just really trying things back then).

But even though it was years before I got likes and still no response until now, I keep posting things. But as I get serious, I started to doubt my entries and I asked myself “ is this really how I want this to be?”

It were months already that I last posted and I still don’t have the answer. I already feel like I’m also trying to know myself.  (Oops.Now that is a different issue)

But I guess that’s what my blog is just going to be. A blog that is not just meant for one stuff, but it will grow and change as my mind grow and change.


// g i p h y . c o m //




  1. I know the feeling, i am trying to ignore the lack of response from my few blogs and just think that I am expressing my thoughts ideas etc to myself which is quite good therapy actually !

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