Setbacks Like Mushrooms



Weird title, right?

These days I’m really in deep contemplation if should I work or not and it stresses me out. My head is sometimes aching about it. There’s this ideal in my minds but I lack in drive or that willingness to take a dive. In short, I guess, I’m being a coward.

But this tinsy-winsy of plight grow another dilemma to think about. Like, “it’s not my priority right now”. I want to do a lot of things, I want to practice a lot of things and if this idea consume too much of my time how am I going to accomplish, not everything, but most of it?


Not enough, for me. Not enough.

This happens whenever I overthink. From one seed, a lot of fruits keeps bearing and it’s just too much to handle. It scares me that whenever I overthink, I end up not doing what I planned. So that’s why I’m trying to just GO for it.

Yes, I’m going to think about it but I’m going to control myself to not be swallowed by that one idea. There’s a lot of things the world has to offer and stressing on one thing won’t help me to explore the other things.



What do you think?

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