0316 // March-Mellow

I’m scared that you/ Won’t be waiting on the other side

I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it

This was my most awaited album last February and I  was really down to know that I had to wait two weeks to get it on Spotify.

But it was all worth it after all. Believe me when I say that this album is made with elegance and art. It was all beautiful. I love loud and soft songs so I have no problem with it. It’s the kind of album you would want to listen if you’re alone or you want to shut yourself out from all the noises of life.

Here’s my top 3:

If I Believe You
The Sound
She Lays Down


Lee Hi was on hiatus for 3 years so I was thrilled when the news about her comeback came out. And this ain’t no disappointment.

I love the retro theme, it was like made for me. The songs are good even the ballad one. It’s this kind that pulls you to it. And the album title! Isn’t it witty and cute, is it?

Top 1:


I See Fire

This is a big throwback. I’ve known this song year ago and I’ve really fallen for it but it’s in my playlist again because it gives me this kind of energy, whenever I listen to it I feel so driven. So it became my study track. If ever I need something to motivate me, I just play this song.

Also, I think it’s so enchanting that I feel like I’m not on Earth whenever this plays.

Dark Paradise

I love Lana Del Rey’s songs because those are very intoxicating. I don’t know about you but it’s the effect on me.

This is the kind of song I play when I’m feeling gloomy and yearning.

Begin Again OST

Have you watched Begin Again? If not, then I’m sorry.

It might not have the unique love story but I love how it was made and its concept. And the songs are fantastic. It has this indie feels, like you’re having tea in the afternoon.

Here’s my top 2:

A Higher Place
Like A Fool


Do you have any favorites or song that you just can’t bear not to hear it? Then put it down in the comments below and share its awesomeness to others.




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