Unintentional Cries


Dear You,

Have you ever cried without any reason? Because it happened a lot of times to me now, and it scares me.

This is tough. I don’t want to give a lot away but I want to let it out. So I’m just going to say it this way.

I’m in a dark place and I’m doing good in escaping. But you know sometimes it draws you back again and you don’t want but you’re getting drag in. I’m trying. I’ve gotten in a long way from there and just a little bit more and I’m all gone. But some scars don’t go away. Some stays. Some makes you remember.

Okay. Back to the real reason. Why? What do these cries mean?


P.S: This is a really big step for me. This is a touchy issue and I just want to let out some. Okay. So, yep.


What do you think?

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