FR: Bestfriends or Lovers ( Love, Rosie)

Love, Rosie

Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Drama
Initial Released: October 22, 2014
Director: Christian Ditter
Starring: Lily Collins, Sam Claflin


So I just watched Love, Rosie and I thought that I should write a review of it. Just so you know, I’ve been waiting for this but I didn’t get to watch it when it showed in local cinemas. Also (please note), this is my first time to write a movie review so I’m kind of experimenting so bear with me, please. Here it goes.


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Well, I read that the film is based on the novel Where the Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern, and unfortunately I never read that BUT now I’m thinking of finding it. Of course perhaps in the book I would find the other parts that I think are missing in the film. Also, I actually love the plot. I learned some that I didn’t learn in other romantic films. It took me from a teenage love, going back to childhood development to adult life. It’s a long series of events. I know some think it’s just another cliché romantic film but I really enjoyed it and I think it’s really great, well above good. But at the ending, I actually hope that Alex and Rosie wouldn’t be back together because for me, after all that happened, their relationship was so messed up and you know I don’t think there’s still a chance to fix it. But, well, ending isn’t the end if it’s not happy, huh? Nonetheless, I think the story is somehow justified.

Lily’s British accent is cute. Sorry to include that but to be honest that’s the second thing— next to the editing—that I noticed in the movie. At first, it’s quite awkward but as the story goes I get used to it and find it amusing. I love her as Rosie I think she portrayed it magnificently, I just want to mention the anger level, in my opinion it’s a bit low and I hoped there’s more fury in it. Sam Claflin was also amazing, he made Alex as awesome as how he played Finnick.


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To tell you straight and honestly, I didn’t like how the scenes were arranged. I find it confusing and fast. It’s like the whole story is fast forwarded and sometimes I get surprised that after watching a part for minutes I found myself watching another sequence. It looks like that the story is really long and they tried to put it all together in an hour and 42 minutes movie. It was like being part of Rosie’s life just knowing the highlight of her existence and missing the other pieces.

I love the songs played in the film. I think it successfully showed the feelings that were presented.

The film has now a little space in my heart. I was really in to it, there’s one scene that I almost close my laptop because I don’t want to see it! Confessing about your love for the groom in a reception? That was mad. It’s funny, sweet and made me irked and cry. Mostly cry. There’s a point that she made me realize something in my life. Oops. Too much drama, I know.

I understand that everyone has different preferences in movies especially when it comes to chick flick/ romantic films. This is entirely my opinion and I appreciate if you feel completely opposite of what I said. Still, thank you for reading and Godbless.

Rating: 3.5 / 5



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