Christmas Breeze


                             ( )

The wind blows, it makes me quiver.
But I don’t mind, I’ll find some cover.
I don’t care if my life will be sober
Hope it will go away with a little prayer.

I’m fine with the way it is.
Carelessness will take away the bliss,
Will also disturb my mind that’s at peace.
Can this be the effect of the Christmas breeze?

Is there really something or just a misunderstanding?
Perhaps a creation of my mind that is overthinking.
Thinking of a problem that wasn’t in the beginning
I shouldn’t waste time with this crazy little thing.

As it run away, I felt the cold.
I was bothered with the thoughts I cannot hold.
I tried to fix my eyes on the road.
In this case, my feelings are no bold.



What do you think?

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