I didn’t know where to find it,
I kept looking but all I found is nothing
So I went back to what I was doing
But then I found myself thinking.

I lay my body on the bed
And my eyes were focus in the ceiling
But I couldn’t think of words to say
And I was thinking again whole day.

I was sad, extremely sad
But my face was dry and looked so bad.
Then my thoughts went back again
And I knew I needed my pen.

I run out of words and didn’t know where to start
And I bet it wouldn’t be from the heart.
So I rolled on my bed because I was frustrated
My mind was clattered to be concentrated.

I thought that it isn’t easy
To be the only color in the society.
And I thought again why they are pretty?
Then I thought why people self-pity?

I wanted to stop writing
But I knew I would end up thinking.
And I didn’t know if I’ll still be looking
If for me, what I wrote. again, is nothing.



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